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    Established in 2004, Fabulous Kitchens is a privately owned and operated
    Kitchen manufacturer. We design, manufacture,delivery and install our own
    quality Kitchens, vanities, laundries, (include cabinets and bench tops) and
    wardrobes, including multifarious commercial and resident solutions. Regardless
    of the price of the kitchen, the same high quality principle applies has been
    continuously providing elegant and high quality kitchens that will make your
    home not only look great, but feel great.

    We provide all of our customers with a 3D design of their kitchen enabling the
    client to view and comment prior to manufacturing so we can further customise
    the design to suit their needs. Our talented team has the confidence to provide
    solutions and results that will guarantee satisfaction. Our advanced computer
    controlled machinery imported from Germany and Italy includes a new edge bender
    and CNC router cutting machine.

    With a spray and bake booth on our premises we are able to provide lacquer

    finish cabinetry in a semi, high-gloss, or metallic finish. In addition we

    carefully select and import a stunning range of natural granite and artificial
    stone bench tops, to ensure we provide the best quality at competitive prices.

    Here at Fabulous Kitchens, we believe that a good kitchen will make a ‘house’
    feel more like a‘home’ for your family. So please let our team have the
    opportunity to add elegant touches to your home.